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Faster Browser Code

This application benchmarks different web technologies. The goal is to see which is faster than vanilla JavaScript. The function fibonacci(43) is run in each benchmark.


Technology Description Fib(43) in ms Score
JavaScript Simple JavaScript function.
JavaScript - "use strict" JavaScript function with the "use strict" directive.
JavaScript - "bitwise or" on variables JavaScript function with "bitwise or" (n | 0) after variables. This truncates the variables to whole numbers, and lets the browser known it can treat all the floats as integers (Even though JavaScript does not support integers).
Emscripten - C C compiled with Emscripten on default settings.
Emscripten - C with -O3 C compiled with Emscripten on optimized(-O3) settings.
WebGL - GLSL GLGL running on the GPU via WebGL (OpenGL)
Cheerp - C++ C++ compiled with Cheerp on optimized(-O3) settings.
PNaCl - C++ C++ compiled with PNaCl on default optimized(-O2) settings.


TODO Browser Dependent:

TODO Future: